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Best Bourbon Distillery Tours - Craft your best bourbon adventure!

Encounter a new experience with every distillery you visit! How will you know which tours are the Best Bourbon Distillery Tours for you? Reach out to us! We’ll help you discover Kentucky at its finest. 

What should you expect from a Distillery tour?

Distillery tours vary in type and duration. We help you tailor your bourbon journey according to your tastes. When planning your Kentucky Distillery Tour, consider the following:


  • Access to insightful information about such things as raw materials, aging, processing, grain selection and  barrel selection.

  • A walkthrough that includes fermentation areas, distillation columns and warehouses.  

  • Visit barrel rooms where the bourbon ages gracefully. It’s here they develop their character and complexity.  

  • Most Kentucky Distillery Tours conclude with tastings. Here, you learn the nuances in flavors, aromas and textures.

  • Witness behind-the-scenes distillery craftsmanship and begin to understand the intricacies involved in the creation of  a high-quality product.

  • You get access to culinary pairings. These include farm-to-table local produce and food selections that will add another dimension to your tasting experience.


Best Bourbon Distillery Tours

Louisville Distillery Tours - Unveiling the bourbon essence!

Louisville is a gateway to Kentucky’s bourbon heritage. Unveil the Louisville Distillery Tour with us. We know this city! We know its streets, landmarks, and hidden nooks and crannies. Riding with us means on-time arrivals and comfort in any weather. Louisville offers  a diverse distillery experience and a dynamic culture. We highly recommend Angel's Envy Distillery, Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company, Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery, Rabbit Hole Distillery, and Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. Let us help you discover some of Louisville’s culinary gems, as well. Experience local cuisine that complements Louisville’s bourbon heritage. 


Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour - Where tradition meets quality!

The Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour offers uncompromising quality and carries a legacy in every drop. This bourbon is well recognized by the famous red wax seal that denotes a unique craft and a notable bourbon history. At its home in Loretto, Kentucky, you can bring back personalized souvenirs by dipping your bottle into the red liquid wax! At Maker’s Mark you can witness the behind-the-scenes distillation of the lush amber liquid that fills those iconic  bottles. 


Bardstown Bourbon Tours - The Bourbon Capital of the World!

Discover the best of Bardstown. We invite you to experience Bardstown Bourbon Tours and enjoy several distilleries that embrace the town's rich legacy. For a broad  spectrum of flavors, tastes, and traditions try the Willett Distillery, Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown Bourbon Company or Lux Row Distillery. When planning your Bardstown Bourbon Tour consider a stop at the intersection of bourbon and fine food pairings: Bardstown Bourbon Company Restaurant.


Kentucky is more than just a location. It is a mosaic of rambling roads and scenic byways that lead to a bold new experience for those wishing to discover the best bourbons in the world. Learn how they’re made and what makes them so special. Let us bring you to them!

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