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Kentucky Bourbon Tour - A Toast to the Unforgettable Experience!

Embark on a transcending journey that will entice your taste buds and expand your knowledge. Welcome to the world of Kentucky Bourbon Tours, an adventure that lets you delve into the rich heritage of iconic bourbon distilleries. The Kentucky tours are unique cultural experiences that enable you to explore the time-honored traditions that make bourbon such a rich American phenomenon. We offer you the opportunity to select your adventure locations, and we will get you there in style and on time. We will help you enjoy the artistry behind the age-old American spirit that is bourbon. Every bourbon trail tour is a treat!

Bourbon and Bites - The Trail N Track delights!

As professionals in the Kentucky tour industry, we have zeroed in on the best Bourbon Tours in the Bluegrass. A fine bourbon tour led by experts will take you through the intricate world of distillation and culinary perfection.  You will gain insights into the process from fine grain selection to fermentation, distillation and graceful aging. You’ll learn the significance of charred oak barrels, the impact of regional limestone water, and the perfect blending of local raw flavors. Experts will demonstrate the arts of blending, barrel selection, flavor profiling, and more. You can count on zero dull moments!

Of course, your tour would be incomplete without dabbling in  mouth-watering bites flavored with Bourbon. From artisanal cheeses to chocolates, the farm-to-table experience is sure to delight!


Tours and more - What do We offer?

As a professional tour service, we offer bourbon trail transportation and much more. We help you delve into the beauty of Kentucky by offering the following:


Personal tours - If you plan to visit distilleries around Kentucky with your family or friends, reach out to us for a tour plan that best suits your needs and wishes. 


Bachelor Parties - Transform your bachelor party into a Bourbon Bachelor Party! For a legendary celebration, explore distilleries, experience exquisite tastings, and make enduring memories. 


Business Expeditions   - Bring your clients to our land of bourbon and leave the hospitality to us. We will take your group to the best locations in relaxing style and comfort. 


Covering Bourbon East, South, Northeast, and Downtown, we guide you to the finest Kentucky Bourbon Tours. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, you will leave  with many fond memories.


What makes us the perfect touring service? 

Experience and knowledge!  Visualize your Bourbon adventure through our eyes and  you will see why:


  • Experience: We know Kentucky! And we know Kentucky Bourbon! With us, you will have a friendly, expert and professional tour every time.

  • Adaptability: We adapt to changing times and constantly address new comfort options. Our new 14-passenger high-roof van is sure to add to your satisfaction. 

  • Budget: If you’re looking for a Kentucky Bourbon Tour that will fall within your budget we do our best to accommodate you. You can have an immersive bourbon experience within your expense limit.

  • Fleets: Our vehicles are designed for your convenience and ease. With ample space for your head and feet, as well as storage, we are comfort on wheels!  

  • Custom: We let you choose where you wish to go across Kentucky's bourbon landscape. We help you pick the best distilleries, thoroughbred horse farms, restaurants and more. And we will get you there hassle-free and on time.

  • Knowledge: As long-time Kentuckians, we know our history, our culture, and the best ways around Kentucky's towns, cities, and rural landscape.  

  • Guidance: We help you pick tours based on your wishes as well as the seasons. Our valuable tips will help create your perfect Kentucky bourbon itinerary.

  • Versatile: We offer transportation and planning for a large variety of bourbon tours including bachelor parties, family tours, friend getaways, business trips, and more.  

  • Availability: We are available 24/7 for calls and emails. Reach out to us with your needs, concerns, and questions.   

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