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Bourbon Tour Transportation - Navigating Your Bourbon Journey Right!

Your choice in bourbon tour transportation to Kentucky distilleries is important! You want the perfect setup for an ideal experience. Our bourbon trail transportation service aims to provide more than just a means of travel. We strive to be a deep-rooted part of the rich heritage of bourbon in Kentucky. Your journey along the legendary bourbon trail is an immersive experience. Unveil the options we offer for your convenience and prepare for an  unforgettable  adventure!

Bourbon tour and the finest transportation

  • Immerse yourself in the rich countryside without the stress of driving or navigating around an unfamiliar landscape.  

  • Ensure safe and responsible tasting at the various distilleries. With our designated driver, you can enjoy the tastings worry-free.

  • Get expert guidance and local insights. We know our history and provide valuable information and time-honored stories as we traverse the trails.

  • Never worry about locating distilleries, parking, or arrival times. Just enjoy  stress-free and seamless Bourbon Tour Transportation.

  • Choose flexibility and customization. We plan and personalize your transportation every step of the way.

Suburban Left.png

For the best bourbon tour, your journey plays a significant role. The perfect mode of transport and knowledgeable guides will open your trip to its full potential. Ride in style, comfort, and convenience in our spotlessly clean and well-maintained vehicles while our expert guides enrich your ride with significant information. 


This is the ideal vehicle for comfort and versatility for smaller groups on the Kentucky bourbon trail. We provide a full-size Suburban SUV with plush leather seats that carry up to 6 passengers. It comes with advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology that ensure a smooth and secure journey. With high-end finishes, ample space, an entertainment system, and other premium features,  your journey will be enjoyable from start to finish!

14 Passenger  High Roof Transit 350 XLT EXT

Our 14 Passenger High Roof Transit 350 XLT EXT (with plenty of room to stand) is the premium option when moving around the bourbon trail in a large group. Our extended van offers space, comfort and efficiency. It is the latest addition to our family of transport options. This vehicle has leather seats, cup holders, a big cooler, and plenty of storage space. You’ll appreciate its comfort, functionality and seamless performance!

Transit 1 Exterior.png

The best package - What should you consider?

Choose the best transportation to enhance your experience. Know what to look for. The following are musts when you plan your ride with us:


  • Group size: Let us know the  number of people traveling and we’ll help you decide on the appropriate vehicle.  

  • Occasion type: The nature of your travel, i.e., corporate, family outing, business outing, special celebration, or other, will determine how we tailor your package.

  • Comfort: Leather seats and climate control, along with spacious comfort combine to allow for  a smooth ride along the bourbon trail.

  • Amenities: Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, entertainment system, airbags, stereo, etc., elevate your overall experience.   

  • Customization: Always look for packages that add a personal touch to your travel. Tell us your needs and expectations and we will tailor the transportation just for you!

  • Expert guidance: Avoid confusion about which distilleries to choose for your Kentucky bourbon trip. Our vast experience helps you form the best route.

  • Budget: Share your budget with us. We will customize your Bourbon Tour Transportation package within your price range.

  • Duration: Duration changes the priorities of the trip. Longer journeys need not be tiring. We make them pleasant and relaxing.

  • Reviews: Always check reviews and recommendations. We are confident that once you do this, we will be your choice when you plan a Bourbon Tour

  • Safety: Your safety and well-being are always our first priority.  


Choosing the best transportation is the ultimate solution for a seamless bourbon trail journey. We want you to feel confident that your bourbon trail transportation will be top-notch and that your total experience will be a resounding success!

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