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Bourbon Tours & More!!

A stop on custom bourbon tours near Louisville, KY
Bourbon Tours

Call or Message Us for Assistance With Planning Your Experience in Bourbon Country.

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Industry insiders ask about special rates for barrel picks!

A stop on a custom bourbon tour near Louisville, KY

For Best Tour Availability - Book Your Tour With Us 30-90 Days Ahead


        Trail N Track LLC - Bourbon Tours with the occasional Rare Bourbon find is our Specialty. Explore the History and Craftsmanship of Bourbon, where you will see the production process, and Enjoy the premium Bourbon in the tasting room. Bourbon is aged in a new, charred oak barrel, Bourbon is made only in the U.S. with over 95% made in Kentucky. It must be made from at least 51% Corn. It must be distilled at less than 160 Proof (80% alcohol by volume), and it must go into the Barrel at lower than 125 Proof. There can be no artificial coloring or flavoring added.

        For your comfort, a 14 passenger high roof van has recently been added to our fleet. The van has leather seats, and lots of luggage space to accommodate big groups for any occasion. Whether you have a business expedition, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a getaway with friends, Trail N Track LLC is ready to make your visit memorable.

        I am very passionate that my clients enjoy their time while visiting Kentucky's Bourbon Distilleries. I believe planning is the most important part of your travels. I am very knowledgeable about the distilleries and I love helping clients plan their itinerary and giving my expert advice. My goal is to ensure you have the best experience that you can’t wait to book your next trip.


Bourbon Tours

Let us help you plan for the best experience you can have, from guidance on which distilleries to choose, to the best times to make your reservations, so you don't arrive late to your next distillery.

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Thoroughbred Farms

Visit the Horse Farms 

Bring your Camera!

We can visit a single horse farm, or we can take a slow ride through the middle of Horse Country, taking photos along the way.

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